4 Secrets Almost NO Brides Know

You want everything to go perfectly, right?

You want to walk down the aisle looking fantastic, feeling incredible, and being the radiant bride you have always dreamed of:

You want to have your "story book wedding go so perfectly that you have plenty of time to see all your guests and to have lots of fun, and NO STRESS.

Could This Disaster Happen 
At Your Wedding?

May I paint a quick picture in your mind?

You're walking down the aisle, in your beautiful dress, with wonderful flowers.  The organ is playing.  Everyone stands up, with loving smiles on their faces. Everything is so beautiful!

Suddenly, up at the front of the aisle, from behind the flowers, the photographer jumps out, moves right in front of your fiancee, with flashes going off. As he jumps around to get the right "shots" of you coming down the aisle, he trips over something and falls down!

The whole mood is ruined! Your family is furious, and so is your fiancee! In just 5 seconds, this photographer totally ruined the magic of your wedding day.

How Do You Avoid This Disaster
At Your Wedding? That's "Secret #1"

That's why "Secret" #1 is this

#1 - before you select a photographer; meet the actual human being who is going to photograph your wedding.

You see, the florist delivers the flowers and goes home.  The baker delivers your cake and leaves.  The dress maker usually isn't there at all.  The jeweler where you found your rings is not there.  Nor the shop who printed your invitations.

But the photographer is there with your families and friends for all or most of the day! BEWARE!

How is he going to treat your family and loved ones?  How will he treat your? Will he be patient, kind, understanding, and excited for you and your husband?  Does he love what he is doing, or is he just there as a "job", just for the money?

Can you see how important this one person
is to the romance, beauty, and smoothness
of your wedding day?

#2 - Surround yourself with people who LOVE what they do!

Be sure that every person you select to work with you for your wedding loves what he or she is doing!

Be sure they will bring enthusiasm and passion to your special day.

Why?  Because you want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day.  But you have very limited experience with weddings.  So you are going to have to depend on various professionals on your wedding day.  Be darn sure they love what they do and are excited for you!

You need someone who really understands how important your day is to you, and also who has seen everything, and knows what to look out for.  Someone you trust, and knows the problems to avoid, etc.

I have been photographing weddings for 28 years.  I love them. And believe me, I have seen it all! All the mistakes, problems, and catastrophes.  Wedding photography is one of my passions!

As of this year, I have photographed over 500 weddings. I specialize in working with brides who are very particular. They want everything to be done just right, and have heard from their friends and relatives that I will take good care of them.  Let me use this vast experience to help you be assured that everything goes beautifully on your day!

#3 - Is More Important Than You Could Ever Imagine!

Your wedding can't be over.  It's only going to happen once.  So it's crucial that you carefully select people who have very strong guarantees!

And, so you know, here's our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:

You will be THRILLED (not just satisfied) with how we represented you and your family at your wedding, and also THRILLED with your photographs, or we will do whatever necessary to have you be THRILLED with them, or we will return your money. We want you to LOVE everything we do for you!*
* Please see our policies

You see we understand that you can't do this over again.  This is a "one-time-thing" and everything MUST be perfect!  You have our written guarantee that we'll take really good care of you!

#4 - Could Be The Most Important Of All!

This last "Secret" is vital. You will be very dependant on the professionals you select to work with on your wedding day.  Be sure you see testimonials from clients!  Get referrals and call them if you feel the least bit nervous!  Again, your wedding is important to you and you can't do it over! So select the people you want to work with carefully!  (I have included in the section some testimonials from a few Brides and grooms I have worked with recently for you to see.)

How Other Brides "Disasters" 
Can Help Your Wedding Be Perfect!

I remember one wedding I was photographing recently
where the minister never showed up. Never!

What about the time the flowers were all wilting before the wedding ever started!

I also photographed a wedding where the D.J. got electrocuted! So they had to have a family member scramble to get his equipment and set up to D.J. the reception.

I'll never forget the wedding where the cake was about to fall over long before they were ready to cut it. (Fortunately we were able to get the necessary photographers and cut it before it went over!  But what a sad thing to happen at your wedding! I felt so sorry for the bride.)

So check references.  Ask for testimonials.  Be SURE To surround yourself with people who are Really Good at what they do, and who will take great care of you, and be super dependable.