If You Don't Care How Smoothly And Beautifully Your Wedding Day Goes, Or If You Are Looking For "Average" Wedding Photographs, Please Stop Reading Now.

But, if you are looking for EMOTIONAL, ROMANTIC, SENSITIVE photographs of each other and your family and friends, AND you want your wedding day to go beautifully, romantically, and smoothly, this is going to be exciting information for you!

Here's Why:

Your wedding day should be the most wonderful, loving, romantic day of your life.  You should have many "emotional moments of a lifetime" during your day.

And, you should have lots of time to spend with all your friends, family, and guests.

You should be so relaxed and happy (no stress!) that every single moment of your day is magical and beautiful to you.

Your Guarantee:

You will be THRILLED (not just satisfied) with how we represented you and your family at your wedding, and also THRILLED with your photographs, or we will do whatever necessary to have you be THRILLED with them, or we will return your money. We want you to LOVE everything we do for you!*
* Please see our policies

Well, I Can Help
You With All Of This.

My name is Gregg Brindamour, and I love weddings! I've been photographing them for over 25 years-not because I have to for the money, ( I have a very successful portrait photography business that makes me a very comfortable living) but rather because I WANT to, because I love the emotion and romance of weddings.

How Important Is It To You That Your Wedding Goes Perfectly And Be A Beautiful, Romantic, And Emotional Event?

    The brides who select us to photograph their wedding want two very important thing:

    First, they want their wedding day to be emotional and romantic, not hectic, stressful and rushed.

    Second, they want their photography to not just be "wedding photography" but to be "emotional family photography created on their wedding day."

    Well, If You Want These Two Things, Too, Read On. Your Going To Gather Some Very Important Information From This Site.

    Your wedding day will contain brief, "Emotional Moments" that you will want to never, ever forget!

    For example, here are just three of these magic moments:

    1. An Amazing And Wonderfully Emotional Way To Impress Your Love For Your Dad On Your Wedding Day!
    2. The Magic Moment When The Love Of Your Life First Sees You!
    3. A Magic Moment With Grandma!  

    How Do We Do That?

    I'll bet you think I'm going to say that you do this through the photography.  Right? Wrong!  The way we help these moments happen, and help you remember them, is to help you have a wonderful, romantic, and emotional day! A day where everything goes perfectly. As long as we do that, the rest will take care of itself!

    But don't take my word for it, here's what a lovely bride we just recently worked with says:

    "We would like to thank you again for the wonderful job you did with our wedding pictures. We really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all the extra steps you took to make our day perfect. You are highly recommended by us". - Amanda Losinger, Ypsilanti, MI

    Your Love For Each Other, And For Your Friends, Deserves Such An Emotional Statement And Expression Of Your Love!

    If your still reading, then you are emotional about your wedding, and want everything to be PERFECT! Here's what I strongly recommend you do IMMEDIATELY!  Pick up the phone and call me right now. Ask us if we still have your wedding date available.

    Here's the problem-because we are so different than the other photographers in the area, and because we are well known and respected in the community, and because we ONLY photograph one wedding a day, and because we strictly our weddings to no more than 25 each year, it is quite possible that we will already be booked for your day.

    So Do NOT Wait Even
    One Day On This!

    If you agree with and liked anything in this site, call us NOW.  There is NO CHARGE AND NO OBLIGATION for this call!  Let's just chat a bit, see if your date is still available, and then, if and only if you would like to, we can set up a time to get together in person and talk some more about your wedding.  There is no charge or obligation for this either.

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